ConDFW and the return of OM

I’ll be driving down to ConDFW tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing a whole pack of friends I haven’t seen in several months, and taking in what looks to be some fantastic panels. F. Paul Wilson is one of the guests of honor. Paul is a very, very nice (and talented) guy. If you can get to Dallas, you should go.

I’m not on the program, but I will have some copies of Call to the Hunt with me and, I think I have one copy of Murdered by Human Wolves. If you want one and can’t find me, go ask Bill at the Alien Motives book table in the dealer’s room.

Jason Barth e-mailed me this morning to let me know there’s been some activity from Oliver Magnum. According to this article, they’re looking for old fliers, bootleg recordings and such. They’ve also got a new MySpace account. Go there and listen to the three songs they’ve made available. Seeing Oliver Magnum play was always a much-anticipated event during high school and immediately after. It looked like they were destined for stardom, then the music scene changed. Ah, the good times of ’80s metal. They’d usually start their shows by playing the famous show-down lines from Dirty Harry where Harry explains the power of his gun, then they’d launch into a set of original and cover tunes with Dan yelling “Show us your tits” between songs.

Good times.

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