I saw Erik’s message on Shocklines last night. I got Marcy’s text message. I read Nick’s () blog about his conversation with Marcy last night. But of course it wasn’t enough. I just got off the phone with both Marcy and G and damn … I can’t remember a time I was so glad to hear someone’s voice. It’s really beyond words. I’m just so glad they are all right and they are out of New Orleans.

G was booking a flight home as I talked to Marcy. They’ll be back in Canada late tomorrow and will visit their parents before returning home.

“We went from heaven to hell,” Marcy said, talking about the luxury of a cruise ship and post-hurrican New Orleans. She saw things … well, she’ll be relating what she feels comfortable with in her own blog soon. She was shocked and disgusted, though. I can’t imagine.

I suspected their hometown paper would forego the interview this morning since Marcy and G were found. But the editor called and we talked for a bit. She said there’ll be a piece about them in this Wednesday’s Waterloo Chronicle. I’m sure I’ll sound like an idiot, but what the hell.

Now that I have my mind back I can focus on work. I have four freelance articles to write, plus another 100 pages of Shara to proof.

Marcy, I’m gonna break yer freakin’ ribs next time I see you. (She knows what I mean.)

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  1. Awwwww… that’s great! Glad you can finally stop worrying…
    (By the way, I hope it’s okay; I’ve added you as a friend — us Oklahomans need ta stick together 🙂 )

    • Woohoo! Another Okie writer. We’re gonna rule the world one of these days. 😉
      I friended you back. We can’t rule the world if we don’t stick together.

  2. Steve someone told me you had a LJ with info on Marcy and G. Great to hear they are out of there and safe! I added you to my friends list. It is short and has all the best!

    • Hey Kenneth! Great to hear from you again. Has it really been two weeks since Horrorfind?
      Yeah, I’ve been getting some e-mail from Marcy, too. They’re still a bit messed up from the ordeal — carrying water everywhere, waking up in the night, etc. They start the flight home this afternoon.

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