What the hell is this fascination people have with cheese? I mean, seriously, has the concept of a hamburger without cheese become so farfetched that the typical fast food worker can’t fathom serving a burger without the yellow goo? That’s right. I don’t like cheese. Yes, that means I do not eat pizza. I will not return to the nearby McDonald’s because they never get the order right. I mean, they screw up even more than a typical McDonald’s. Oh, I don’t even try to get a burger; I get chicken. But my oldest son doesn’t like cheeseburgers, either, and he hasn’t given up yet. The last time I went there I ordered Alex a Quarter Pounder without cheese. The drive-thru sign voice repeated it back that way. I got home and guess what. There was cheese on it. Somehow, Alex inherited a stubborn gene. He wouldn’t eat it. So I call and gripe out the manager and he promises to make it right. So, leaving my own food to get cold, I return to Mickey D’s, where the manager has a burger wrapped and setting away from the main batch of crap. He puts it in a bag for me, with a free order of fries salty enough to kill most folks and I leave. Yes, I should have checked it. The damn burger had cheese on it. Not only that, but upon returning home I find that Amanda’s hamburger also has cheese on it and Jake’s happy mean was missing its chicken nuggets.

About a week later I went to some other fast food joint, probably Wendy’s, and they also put cheese on Alex’s hamburger. Oh, and when you tell them about it, they act like they’ve done you a favor. “Oh, we only charged you for a regular hamburger. Don’t worry about it.” Fine. I’m lactose intolerant. How about if I eat this incorrect order and go into allergic convulsions right here on your floor? (No, I’m not, and neither is Alex, but that’s not the point.)

Today I got lunch at Sonic. They have a chicken strip basket that comes with fries, one onion ring and a piece of toast. And once again the person taking my order asks if I want cheese on my fries. I just wanted to scream, “Hell no I don’t want your damn cheese!” But this is Sonic. The people who work there are much more intelligent than the McDonald’s crowd and I was 98 percent sure they’d get my order right, so I simply said, “No thanks.”

What’s the point to all of this? Ha! Just that I hadn’t blogged for a few days and had nothing better to say.

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  1. At some point you have to draw the line on your dietary choices.
    I can’t imagine life without pizza or bleu cheese.
    You do know what your punishment in Hell will be don’t you?

  2. Wow. I could’ve written this post.
    All this time I thought I was the only one who didn’t like a good burger ruined by cheese. Don’t you just love that “It’s okay, we only charged you for a hamburger” bit? Try ordering chili without beans sometime.

  3. McDonald’s never gets anyone’s order right. No one I know . . . that is, unless you ask for exactly what they’re supposed to give you.

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