Cheating, Name Changes, and Robbing a Bank

Alex’s football team (Panthers) was sooooo cheated last night. They took the lead in the second quarter following a big interception return. But then the other team returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a score and actually got the extra point kick. Then, in the fourth quarter, the Panthers held the other team and forced a punt. The returner called a fair catch … and was tackled. The officials stood around discussing the play while about 30 seconds ran off the clock. They didn’t do jack about fixing the clock, despite everybody in the stands  screaming about it. So, naturally, we come down to the end of the game, the Panthers have the ball at the other team’s goal, they get some bad penalties (lots of bad calls in that game), end up back at the seven yard line, run third down and miss … and the clock runs out before they can get their last down. Final score was 7-6.

While running a deep virus scan on my computer last night I was flipping through one of my books of mythology and found a name I have to use. In Ulrik, Ulrik’s nemesis was named Gendel. I’m changing that to Fenris. I’ll give ya’ll some time to look that up.

And finally, I had a dream inspired by the guy affectionately referred to as “that fucking Keene” this morning. Well, by this book of his, anyway. I dreamed I robbed a bank, got the money home and hidden in a dresser drawer, and then began freaking out about it, not knowing if there was a dye cap in there or a tracking device and how was I going to explain the money to Kim … very weird. Just shows how good his book is, though. If you haven’t read it, you should.

Tomorrow is the big tests.

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  1. Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf.
    He is the eldest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda.
    You know I can’t resist a challenge. 🙂
    Too bad about Alex’s game.
    Holy cow, what a dream!
    Good luck tomorrow.

    • Ah, very good. But you forgot one little detail. He is called the devouring wolf; the beast of Ragnarok, the doom of the gods. He killed Odin, chief of the Norse gods.
      Ulrik’s arch rival should have such a name. But will Ulrik share Odin’s fate?

      • No. No. No.
        I know your just trying to get my goat. You would never do that to Ulrik. Well. maybe let all the other characters believe Fenris killed Ulrik. Confuse the reader for a bit. But, loose our hero?
        Oh, you really know how to unravel me.

        • Fenris is shaping up to be very much like Ulrik, but without Ulrik’s compassion. Which is interesting, considering how melancholy Ulrik is at the start of this book … a mood brought on by him caring too much for someone he’s lost. He’ll have to get his wits about him before Fenris finds him. 😉
          Fun! Fun!

  2. That Fucking Keene
    He’s been inspiring a lot of dreams recently. Read my entry about my Keene/Conan/Shrewsbury/Roomba Red dream. lol!!! He sticks with you.

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