Change of plans

No trip to Ponca City today. Last night Jacob battled the bug that had already gotten to Sara last week and Amanda earlier this week. Like them, he went from playing to puking in not much more than a heartbeat. He spent the evening vomiting and the night kicking the hell out of my back. He slept most of the morning and now is just fine again.

If there’s anything in the world more precious than the face of a sleeping child, it’s seeing the face of that same child sleeping after he’s been sick … and kicking you in the back all night.

The trip to Ponca has been rescheduled. And I have to reschedule a couple of other appointments I had set up for next week. Not all due to Jake’s sickness.

Between cleaning vomit and trying to sleep, I did get in some work on Ulrik. Not a lot, just a few pages, but I really needed those few pages. It was a matter of sanity.

I got a package in the mail yesterday from Scrybe Press. No, not Shara. But it did include money for the sale of Shara. And money for Call to the Hunt. And more copies of Murdered by Human Wolves. Money is nice. Money from fiction sales would be even nicer if it didn’t have to go to silly things like paying the electric bill. (In other words, no, I don’t have any job news yet.)

Speaking of jobs, yesterday was Kim’s first day at the new place. She hated it. Not surprising. Those people are idiots. Or liars. Or both. Most of the details wouldn’t mean anything to you, but one example should suffice. She had a face-to-face conversation with one of the bigwigs of the acquiring company. He told her what her work hours would be and that she’d have Tuesday off next week because she has to work the following weekend. The next day she gets a printed schedule with different times and a different day off, which is why I have to reschedule some of my other plans for next week. They’ve also got her doing jobs she was told she wouldn’t have to do. I feel bad for her and wish I could tell her to quit. I wish I could have told her that a few weeks ago so she could have gotten the severance and the extra $100 for promising not to sue the acquiring company (yes, I’m serious). But … we’d never make it if both of us were living on unemployment.

What happened to the good old days when people made their own living and didn’t work for a corporate whore? And died before they reached the age of 40?

Speaking of reaching 40 … Kim plucked a gray hair from my head the other day. Pissed me off. As thin as my hair’s getting, I want every strand I’ve got, regardless of its color!

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  1. So sorry your kids are sick – that sucks. 🙁
    Good to hear you got a chance to write though! Even though sanity is overrated. 😉
    So sorry to hear that Kim’s job sucks.But things will work out and you can both find stuff that makes you happy.
    And grey hair is cool! Heh, if it’s not, G and I are both becoming uncool very quickly. LOL!

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