The camel’s back was broken today. That one straw too many was added this morning. But that’s something I’ll post about in more detail later … probably sometime next week.

My Amazon Shorts story “One Night in Benevolence” finally moved a bit on the best-seller list for the horror category of the Shorts program. I’m now at No. 6. Yeah, it actually moved up. Many, many thanks to everyone who’s dropped a couple of quarters to give the story a read. I really appreciate it.

Eight days to Horrorfind! I just read that Jim and Bonnie Moore will be back this year. That’s great news. Jim (that’s James A. Moore) not only is a fantastic author, but he and Bonnie are super nice folks and I’m glad I’ll get to see them again this year.

Of course, it’s seeing friends that’s the best part of Horrorfind. There are lots of people I’m looking forward to seeing again, and many I’ll meet in the flesh for the first time. Eh, Ron? Those Canucks … Ron, Marcy, G, Erik and Laurie Alkenbrack (probably mispelled that), Gord Rollo, etc. Unfortunately, my buddy Kenneth Ward won’t be there this year. That’s a bummer. But the Horror-Web crew, Catwoman, Brian Keene, John Skipp and a host of other great people will be there. It’s gonna be a helluva fun weekend.

In not so good news, it seems Meat Grinder Press has up and died, so the story they said they wanted can now be shopped around again.

We’re coming up on four months since the agent sent Amara’s Prayer to the big publisher. I know it’s not a long time … unless you’re having your flesh peeled on half-an-inch per day, or waiting to hear something about your novel.

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  1. Jim is a great guy, I’m looking forward to seeing him again, too.
    HorrorFind is always strange. I know there are a bunch of LJ folks there but, of course, I never know who they are or recognize them by their real names…

  2. I can’t wait to see you too babydoll. I think I go through withdrawals between conventions to see everyone again.
    This time you’re sitting on the floor though.

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