Call to the Hunt pornographic?


I checked in with the book review editor at The Oklahoman the other day to make sure he’d received the review copy of Call to the Hunt that Scrybe Press sent a while back. Today the editor responded and said yes, he received it, but they wouldn’t be reviewing it. Seems the reviewer who read it “…thought it was too much like porn for our purposes.” What? There’s one sex scene in all of the 12 stories. The book is a hell of a lot tamer concerning sex than Shara and they reviewed that one.




In other news, I went and took a test for a state job this morning. Public information officer. I didn’t score as high as I would have liked, but I was high enough to be a candidate. Stupid questions about writing for TV broadcast tripped me up. I never learned that stuff, but based on my experience with TV “journalists” I used the rule of choosing whatever seemed the simplest.

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  1. Pornography doe snot necessarily mean sex. He could have been your above average reviewer with a command of secondary and tritary meanings of words. BUt maybe not

    • It’s possible. But you have to remember that not long ago (when I worked there, in fact), the Oklahoman was called “the worst paper in the country” because of its conservative bias. The one story with sex is pretty steamy — explicit male-to-female oral sex — and I imagine that was just too much for them. Oh, the guy in the story also kinda became a werewolf as he was administering his tongue to the lady.
      But, really, what’s so wrong with that? 😉

      • No,no,no! That can’t be right. Are you sure? No porn, no tattoos, hey, I like tattoos, BUT cockfights are legal? That’s sick. It must be the land of OZ. Ha,ha,ha.
        I can understand trying to tone down or eliminate certain types of pornography. However in all fairness, I do not and would not consider a book like CTTH pornographic. A little steamy maybe, but by no means falling into a pornographic category.

        • Actually, cockfighting was banned a few years ago. I voted to keep it, but then, I have this bird phobia …
          Were were one of only two states that still allowed cockfighting. Now we’re one of only two states that doesn’t allow tattoo parlors. Unless S. Carolina recently changes its law.
          We don’t have stores where you can buy porn, but some video stores can rent it. How logical is that?

          • Bird phobia…? No, no, I won’t ask. I won’t.
            Do I smell one one your stories?
            Cockfighting is disgusting. How could you vote to keep it? Shame on you. Too cruel for my taste. But then there are many (sports?) that involve killing an animal.
            I’m being a hypocrite right about now. I have a rabbit mowing down my gardens that I would take great pleasure in killing. I have traps everywhere. Now there’s a story for you to write. Rabbit turns gentle woman into crazed killer.
            I can also understand the fear of disease that goes hand in hand with tattoo parlors. You have to be extremely careful and should go to a well known parlor. Well, here anyway. And yes, here in depraved New Jersey we also have porn shops. And no I have never entered one.

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