Call of the Wolf

I’ve spent much of the morning reading over the comments made by people who read Shara as part of Kelley Armstrong’s online book club. With Scrybe Press planning to re-publish Shara sooner than I expected, I need to get my butt in gear and make whatever corrections I want, and some of the readers at Kelley’s board had some interesting comments.

Then I opened my file on Ulrik, the sequel, and ended up reading a good chunk of the 49 pages I wrote several months ago. The lure is strong. The lure is strong. I want to jump back into that world. Ulrik starts fast and won’t slow down. Some people complained that Shara started slow, and it did, but I maintain that was necessary. The rest of the series won’t be slow and will, I think, show my early influences for fast-action high fantasy as Shara, Ulrik, Chris, Joey, Thomas, Kiona and some newbies work things out.

Changes to Shara will be minimal. Nothing really in the plot. There were some questions about when Shara would ovulate, as a woman does it monthly and a wolf annually. I plan to leave it unexplained, but Ulrik will contemplate how Shara is different and how the Gift is like menopause for most women. Ulrik also will have and will pass on to Shara a brand indicating she has been trained by a recognized Pack member. This, of course, will cause some explaining in regards to Bryan and Chris.

I’ve mentioned that Garrett Peck has agreed to do an introduction to the new edition of Shara. Is that, and the gorgeous new cover and those little story changes, enough? Would you buy the new edition if you have the 3F Publications’ version? I’m thinking of adding the first chapter of Ulrik as a bonus. Would that help you open your wallet?

I’ll do the Shara changes soon, probably this week, but diving back into Ulrik will have to wait. I’m still making corrections to The Prometheus Syndrome and probably will turn my attention to Bold Bounty next. That’s my first romance novel. Currently, there’s nothing supernatural about it, just Vikings, a Welsh babe and an evil French nobleman. I’ve been toying with the idea of making the Frenchman an evil werewolf and thought about making the Viking hero a werebear, but I don’t know. I need to add about 15,000 words to the story somehow. My second romance novel is about werewolves in colonial America, so I’m thinking the first one maybe should be a paranormal, too. What do you think?

Tomorrow I’ll pick the winner to receive a copy of Darkscapes. If you want in, go to my Web site and sign up for my Yahoo group. The winner will be chosen at random.

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  1. I lean heavily toward the paranormal in my reading choices. Changing the characters to a werewolf and a were-bear would grab my interest a lot quicker than just an action/romance would. But, then again that’s just my opinion.

  2. I’ve been getting away from the supernatural lately, both in reading and writing, but if you need to add some digits to the word count, you might want to go that way. Either way will be good, I’m sure.
    Have you read Donna Boyd’s books The Promise and The Passion?
    I plan on buying the new Shara, even though I have the 3F version. The Scrybe version is looking like the more attractive package. I think the first chapter of Ulrik would be great to have, particularly if it’s going to be a little while before it’s out.

    • I’ve read Donna Boyd’s The Passion and the Promise a few years ago. Not wanting to give anything away in case you haven’t read them yet, I’ll just say both were excellent books.

      • Thanks. I have read The Passion, but it was years ago, and I have The Promise someplace. Need to dig those back out again. Steve’s post about putting a werewolf in his romance novel made me think of them.

    • Thanks, Jason. I probably will add some shapeshifters to the romance, just to make it more fun. I can add 15,000 words of growing hair and bloody death. Ya?
      I haven’t read Boyd’s books, but Cheryl has been recommending them for a while.
      I appreciate your willingness to spend more on the new Shara. Hopefully Nathan will keep the price low. He’s pretty good about that.

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