Busy Wednesday

Yesterday was quite a day. A second interview with the state agency at 8 a.m., then work at the chamber until noon, then drive to Ponca City for a meeting. Home. Out to eat with the family since Kim was off prior to working seven days straight. Back home … to learn I was mistaken on my deadline for my newspaper stories, so I was up until midnight working on one of those. The other will just have to wait until this afternoon.

How’d the interview go? Everyone asks. I dunno. I was one of only three people asked back for a second interview. I feel okay about it. Mostly. The director said she was surprised to see I’d applied, considering my apparent writing goals. That threw me. I’ve only been asked about that once before, and I didn’t get that job. I explained that I know a lot of writers, many with contracts at NYC publishers, but only a small number of them actually earn a living writing fiction; the others all have to have day jobs. So … I dunno. But I’ll probably know by the end of the week.

My time between now and Thanksgiving will be at a premium. There’s still a newspaper story to write today. Then I need to turn in drafts of some of the employee benefits contract work by Sunday evening … and that’s going to be a difficult job, I think. And there’s Darkscapes to edit. Thankfully, the galley is pretty clean so far.

Reading those stories yet again is odd. Some of those stories are almost 20 years old now and have a lot of history of their own. I remember writing them, many while Kim and I still lived in Enid, sometimes in the little mouse- and roach-invested house we rented right after we got married. Remember their first publications, and some rejection letters. One editor told me an earlier draft of “SKN-3” was “ridiculous.” Seriously. He or she was right, I see now, but it hurt at the time. I was reading “Elijah” last night. That’s one of the oldest stories of the lot. I could not count the number of times I have read and revised and edited that story since first banging it out on my old Smith-Corona XT typewriter. Remember those days, when there were no disposable manuscripts because that would mean typing the sucker all over again?

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  1. Good luck with the interviews!
    I like that you can remember so much around the stories and what was going on when you wrote them. I sometimes think that, for a writer, the behind-the-scenes stays in the mind stronger than the story itself.

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