Busy day

Not much of an update today. Work’s been pretty busy, plus I’m behind on my freelance work for OKC Business newspaper. Finally started making contacts for my two articles.  Work … we have a big announcement coming on Dec. 21, and everyone is sending me information on their January events to get it in before the Christmas break. Christmas break … man, am I looking forward to that!

I was surfing my LJ friends list today and came across an entry from Karen E. Taylor (). Karen’s a really nice lady. Anyway, her new book is out; actually, I guess it’s been out since September, but I’m always behind. It’s called Blood Red Dawn and is the latest in her ongoing Vampire Legacy series. The cover for this book is just stunning. I love it. Go here to see it. Karen is a fabulous writer, too, so buy the book. You’ll be getting more than just a great cover.

Oh, my Web site is down, down, down. They say it could be 48 hours from setup before I can upload files to the new server. So, hopefully I can get the site back online tomorrow afternoon. Once I can access my FTP account, it should just be a matter of moving files into it. I hope.

That’s all for now.

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