Busy day

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of days. I was running a bit late, but just turned in some good stuff for Horror World. I got to interview two of the growing giants of the genre this month. There’s my usual newsletter column, “Home, Home on the ‘Net,” this month featuring Brian Keene. You can subscribe here. The Horror World site will host a long in-depth interview with Kealan Patrick Burke.* No matter what you may have heard about Keene, I can promise you these are both nice guys and great writers. You should be reading them if you’re not.

They rejected it at first, but then changed their mind. What am I talking about? Wicked Karnival magazine has decided to feature one erotic horror story per issue and, to that end, has bought my short story “Dead Betty.” Yes, that’s the one Amazon.com said was too explicit for their Amazon Shorts program. “Dead Betty” will appear in Issue 8.

*D’oh! The interview with Kealan goes live next month — April. My apologies for stopping the world on its axis for a moment. I wondered what would happen if I was ever early on a deadline.

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    • So I busted my hump getting Kealan’s interview to Mistress Nanci … and it’s for April. I guess I was distracted by that cracking whip she carries.
      Speaking of the whip-cracker, she’s asked me about resurrecting the Message Board Round-up some other guy used to do. Who was that slacker who abandoned us? Hmm … Send me an e-mail sometime and let me know how much work that entailed. I’m guessing it had to be quite a bit.

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