Busy, busy day

Work has been pretty intense this morning. Mostly little stuff, but lots of it. And still quite a bit to do, but I have to prioritize so there’s something for the intern to work on later this week, although I’ll lose her on Thursday when we have the mass communications conference with Karen Hughes here. What a pain in the ass that’s become.

Knocked off some more Prometheus Syndrome edits yesterday evening. If I can maintain that pace, I’ll be able to send the manuscript to Lantz this weekend. The real test will be whether or not I can work in the evenings with Kim gone. The kids are all well, so hopefully they’ll entertain themselves for a bit and let me work.

Speaking of the weekend, it’ll be a busy one. I speak to Novel Ideas on Saturday and I still need to write my speech. This weekend is also the University of Oklahoma’s annual medieval faire. The faire is always a lot of fun and it’s free entertainment (although doing the things the kids like does cost a little). OU doesn’t run a strictly authentic faire, but it isn’t a complete Tolkien environment, either.

Time for lunch. Ummm. Peanut butter.

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  1. You prioritize very well. Peanut butter.
    Maintaining that pace with the kids around?
    As much as I’d like to hear TPS is finished,
    I’m not sure about the kids entertaining themselves part working.
    But, the medieval faire sounds like fun.
    Now that I uplifted your spirits…I leave quietly.

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