Busy … and this month’s prize

No entry yesterday. I meant to make an entry yesterday evening, but I got to working on the revisions I’m making to Shara and suddenly it was the kids’ bedtime and I hadn’t chased any of them into the bath tub yet. I got the little ones bathed and in bed just as Kim was pulling into the driveway, so I was spared the “I have to come home and do it all myself” speech last night.

It really felt good to work with the werewolves again. Ulrik branded Shara. Tonight (hopefully), Shara will have to explain to Bryan and then later to Chris about why she has an ancient rune burned onto her shoulder. And, right after he leaves her, Ulrik will contemplate how Shara is different than other female werewolves; I think that little addition will increase the suspense, letting the reader know that Shara is different well before Shara finds out. Plus it addresses an issue a couple of readers raised about ovulation in women, wolves and werewolves.

I sent six press releases at work yesterday. Six! That’s insane. It’s too many, really, but they needed to go so I can focus on other things. I’m swamped and there hasn’t been any further word on the departmental reorganization, so there’s no relief in sight.

The Prometheus Syndrome and Songbird went in the mail to Lantz yesterday. May he find them homes soon.

My last waking moments of the past couple of days have been spent reading Ray Garton’s Darklings. Ray’s a fantastic writer who struck oil with his first book during the horror boom of the 1980s, but fell out of mass market distribution in the ’90s. Leisure Books will be releasing some of his backlist soon, though. Anyway, Darklings is from 1985. I’ve been hungry for the old stuff. And my bank account is showing it. Gotta lay off eBay for a while. I’ve got enough of the James Herbert, Ramsey Campbell and Robert R. McCammon books replaced from The Great Book Purge of 1991 (had to give up my office at the time to make room for the coming baby) to hold me for a while.

Speaking of Ramsey Campbell, one of his books is the prize I’ll be giving away this month since Call to the Hunt is coming a bit later than expected. Because I’m senile, I find myself with two copies of Campbell’s Midnight Sun, so I’m giving one away to a member of my Yahoo group drawn at random (last month’s winner is excluded). This is a hardcover, first edition, with dustjacket, in good condition. If you’re not a member of my Yahoo group you can sign up at my Web site.

And now to write some speeches. For other people.

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