A few days ago it was 70 degrees here. Right now it is 16 degrees, with a windchill of 1. (That’s -9/-17 for you Canucks and Brits.) It’s snowing, too. Just a little, but it is snowing. Second time this winter that’s happened. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get up to 26 degrees and have ice. Kim reported many wrecks on her drive to work today, and the roads were already slick; it rained a little before turning to snow, so technically, we already have ice.

Now, I wouldn’t mind living up north in Minnesota, Michigan or even parts of Canada and having snow by the foot. I love snow. Who doesn’t feel like a kid when looking out the window and seeing the snow? But this powdery dusting on top of a sheet of ice just kinda sucks. Especially when you add in the idiot factor — people who can barely drive anyway now trying to hotrod on ice.

I had a job interview the other day. It would be an interesting position, but the interesting part of the interview was when the COO asked if I was detail oriented, or saw the big picture. I hedged and said a little of both, so she drilled down and asked about my CD collection, to which I answered that I used to organize my music alphabetical by artists, then by year of release. She assured me I am a detail person. Yeah, but … she can’t see the CDs now … randomly stacked on top of a bookshelf because nobody else shares my interest in organization. Anyway, I’m not sure when I’ll hear back from the job, or how much hope to hold out.

I worked all day at the chamber yesterday. That’s the first 8-hour day I’ve worked in almost nine months.

It would be a perfect day to light the fireplace and sit beside it reading a book. But, I have a magazine article to write. And then the editing phase of Ulrik will begin. Those who’ve read the first draft said they really liked it, and they’ve offered some excellent tips to make it better. I look forward to getting started on the edits.

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  1. No snow or ice for you yet? Don’t venture east, then. There’s snow (not a lot, but it’s there) and ice from Tulsa down to McAlester anyway. I don’t know about points south.

  2. Brrrrrrrrr
    nobody else shares my interest in organization
    “Interest” that’s a funny way of putting it, should have told her about the DVD collection or your books for that matter.
    Get your butt in gear on those edits. I’m next.

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