Body of Christ

Religious fanaticism. Blind devotion to a church. I haven’t seen it this bad since my early 20s when one of my best friends was sucked into the Bible Baptist cult in Enid. He began quoting Scripture to me, after prefacing the passages with, “The preacher says …”

It just sickens me.

Now, one of my sisters lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. I talked to her yesterday and she had no real plans to evacuate as Rita comes knocking on the door down there. No.

“Corpus Christi is the Body of Christ. That’s what the name means,” she said. “Surely nothing bad will happen to that.”

Earth to Lisa: Did you watch Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ? Did you see what happened to Christ’s body there?

Her plan was to attend church last night and join the collective prayers of her fanatical congregation, asking God to send Rita somewhere else. They prayed. And overnight Rita got bigger. Can I get an amen to that?

Lisa spent years as a militant vegan and was lucky she didn’t get arrested for some of the crazy stuff she said during that time. I’m a huge fan of the First Amendment, but it doesn’t protect some of the shit she was spewing about elected officials. Then she met somebody from this holy roller church through her job, gave up being vegan because Jesus ate fish, and is now a religious freak. She’s always at the extreme edges of whatever she’s doing. This time, it could cost her.

Unless somebody in that congregation was able to do what her older brother, little sister and both parents couldn’t do and convince her to leave town. I haven’t heard from her or about her yet today. But I have very little faith the people she attends church with had plans to leave, either. Or maybe they did. After all, they’ve got to be doing something with all the money she’s given them. Maybe this all-knowing pastor of hers will rent a bus and get all his cash cows to safety so he can keep on milking them after the storm.

My other sister is extremely pissed about this. My mom is frantic. And Dad … he got real quiet on the phone when I said Lisa needed a better plan than sitting in church praying for the hurricane to go away.

This is not to be taken as a conversion to atheism on my part, by the way. I am a Christian. I am an advocate of prayer. But sitting still while a monster like Rita approaches is just asinine. Thinking you’re safe because you live in a city named Corpus Christi is stupid beyond words.

Dammit, Lisa. If you live through this I’m going to give you an ass-kicking that will make you think I was a friggin saint when we were kids.

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  1. It amazes me how some people profess to have faith in God and then expect him to break his own rules. I’m not personally a believer, but I do at least recognize that the Judeo-Christian God granted mankind free will. To have free will pretty much requires any and all spiritual beings to keep their grubby paws off mankind’s daily affairs. If there were visible signs of his interference, you wouldn’t need faith, and if you didn’t need faith there’d be no free will. The whole belief thing has to be a choice. I mean who in their right mind would chose to go to hell if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the place really existed? Sorry to hear your sister has got involved in such a sad, misguided group of individuals.

  2. Wow, I hope she gets out Steve. Keep on her.
    I don’t care what you believe or how much faith you’ve got, nature is nature and she has a way.
    Good luck.

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