The Prometheus Syndrome is a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked rage.  It’s also one hell of a great read!”
– Brian Knight, author of Feral, Broken Angel, and Hacks

If you haven’t read Brian Knight yet, you really should. I haven’t read enough of his books, myself. He’s really good. And he’s one of the good guys out there. And he lives in Oregon, which remains the most beautiful state I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Anyhoo, Brian agreed to read the manuscript of The Prometheus Syndrome a while back and he delivered the above blurb today. Many thanks go out to him.

And, umm, if you’re a publisher … The Prometheus Syndrome is not yet sold. (Hint, hint!)

Yesterday was hell, at least from a writing standpoint. Kim worked, so I was home with the demons. I mean, my four lovely and obedient children. Who just happened to be possessed by a legion of the unholy host. I swear I am going to a farm supply store and buying a trough I can fill with chips, pop tarts, peanut butter sandwiches and other crap. All I get done is feeding kids, telling kids to close the door and stop letting flies in, feeding kids, telling kids to pick up whatever they just left on the floor, feeding kids, transporting kids, feeding kids, listening to kids tattle on other kids, and feeding kids. Did I mention that my kids eat a lot? How Amanda can only be in the 25 percentile of weight for her age amazes me considering her non-stop intake. So, basically, I got no work done on Ulrik yesterday, despite having high hopes for much progress.

I did take the laptop to bed with me and made some sweet love to it in the form of revisions on The Fetch. I added several hundred words, making the opening chapter more interesting, I think. Working on the laptop in bed is something I enjoy, particulary for revisions like this, but that’s generally my only reading time, too. I’ve been reading James A. Moore‘s Under the Overtree and I hate to set it aside. We’ll see, though.

For those interested, I have wiped football from my mind. Isn’t that the internationally popular game played with a white-and-black round ball? Oklahoma Sooners? Minnesota Vikings? I’ve never heard of them. (No, I am not sobbing uncontrollably. Yet.)

Didn’t sleep well last night. After putting away the laptop my mind was bombarded with vivid snatches of memories from my days in the machine shops. Bits of conversation, flashes of scenery, books I secretly read from the drawer of my toolbox while the machines ran. Once I got to sleep I had dreams I can’t remember, but they kept waking me up.

Late last week I got in touch with the state department that had the job opening I’d applied for. They’d contacted all my references, but hadn’t contacted me, so I e-mailed and asked what was up. Well, they filled the position. They needed somebody with more Web design experience than I have.

This is a long-ass entry already, so I reckon I’ll pinch it off here.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the web design job Steve, but there will be others out there, I’m sure of it.
    A feeding trough for the kids seems like a good idea, though! Maybe you could patent it and earn a fortune.

    • I ordinarily wear my OU hat everywhere — particularly whenever I invade Texas — but I think it may stay home this weekend.
      Next year, though. Yeah … next year we’ll be back. (Pleeeeeeeeze!)

        • Depends on what you’re rubbing … 😉
          But I don’t think such a shirt would match your new shoes. So you probably should go with the shoes and some other shirt. I can bring you a nice orange and black Oklahoma State shirt.
          Ooooo … how can OSU be undefeated when OU sucks so bad?

  2. OU Blues…
    My wife and I have agreed that OU is just setting the stage for an incredible comeback. They’re pattering this season after the Major League movies… It’s all about the ratings…
    that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway…
    And please — PLEASE — tell me you didn’t just say “pinch it off.”

    • Re: OU Blues…
      Alas, it’s likely too late for a comeback this year. Losing two games pretty much assures that they won’t have a title shot.
      Bomar did seem to do a little better in this past game. He completed some passes, anyway.
      If only Stoops would put Thompson back in and use Peterson and Jones to run the old wishbone …
      I’m giving away my age, huh?

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