Is anyone upset about VP Dick Cheney shooting a lawyer? Shooting lawyers could be the best thing he’s done for the country. (You’re the exception, Paul.)

Was it coincidence I finished writing Ulrik on the day of a full moon?

A reader asked me today if I have plans to come to Louisiana. That’s always a nice way to start the day (always better than someone asking you to leave their state). Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans to visit Louisiana, but wish I did. The one time I was there I enjoyed it. Conoco sent me to Lafayette and Lake Charles a few weeks after 9/11. No connection, other than me being more nervous than usual about flying. I’d like to go back someday. There was a cajun place across from the hotel in Lake Charles that had great food at good prices. Everything spicey!

I’m looking at my contract for Shara. It’s dated July 20, 2005, and gives Scrybe Press 12 months to publish the book before the rights revert back to me. Of course, I want Scrybe to publish it. Nathan asked for the book when it appeared to be dead and I feel some loyalty over that. Plus, I love Kirk’s cover art. But the continued unexplained delays are getting pretty frustrating, and will only get worse now that the writing for Ulrik is finished. At one time, Shara was scheduled to be out in early August 2005, Seven Days in Benevolence around Halloween 2005 and Ulrik in early summer 2006.

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  1. I’d say finishing Ulrik on a day w/a full moon is a good omen.
    That’s a trip about the publisher not putting out Shara yet.
    I hope you got some cash upfront for it.
    Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but is Ulrik sold yet?
    Additional hope that if it is Scrybe, things turn around bigtime.

    • Yeah, I did get my advance from Scyrbe for Shara. So, unlike when 3F published it, I can’t complain about the lack of money.
      My contract(s) with Scrybe give them first rights to all my work that is part of The Werewolf Saga for the term of the contracts. So yeah, I’m hoping Scrybe gets on the ball.
      Almost as much as I hope one of the publishers looking at my other two submitted novels does, too. Someday I’d like to have a book out there that isn’t about werewolves so people will stop asking me why that’s all I write about.

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