Bits and Pieces

Not much to report. Today is Amanda’s birthday, so happy birthday, Mandy!

The OU Sooners whipped Kansas State yesterday. The Vikings are not on TV here, which blows. I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Here’s yesterday’s progress on Ulrik:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,019 / 100,000

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  1. Just as well you didn’t have to see that game. Vikings got whooped.
    Go Eli! Go Eli! Little Manning! Go Eli!
    As far as the pool is concerned, I’m getting a good, old fashioned ass kicking. Sigh… I’m an idiot. Why did I pick the Jets???

    • Vikings? What Vikings? Wanna bet they have a new coach next year? Watching Vikings highlights this year are like watching Grandma wreck a Ferrarri.
      You … picked … the … the … the Jets? Really? You knew Pennington was hurt and they were so desperate they’d re-signed that washed up has-been Vinny Testaverde, right? Well, I look forward to taking your money. 😉

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