Today is Jessica Alba’s 25th birthday. Yes, little Jessica Alba. She grew up, she filled out.

Oh yeah, it’s also my birthday. And I’m a little older than Jessica. I cannot believe I’ve hit 40. Best case scenario, my life is half-over now. Yeah, you can say it’s a half-full vs. half-empty thing, but we all know the bottom half of the glass is always a little flatter than the first half. Not as many bubbles. Kinda watered down from the melting ice. But, that’s where the alcohol tends to settle, too.

If I could afford it, I’d have a mid-life crisis. I’d go buy a new Harley Davidson Sportster and ride it as if I still had the invincibility of youth. Maybe when I’m 50.

I dreaded today a lot. Even more than I let on here. And it started off pretty bad … because I was determined it would be a crappy day. But then the e-mails, e-cards and MySpace messages started coming in, wishing me a happy birthday. In the middle there, Paul, Gayleen and Dennis took me to lunch, and Shannon came all the way in from Mustang to join us at the best damn barbecue joint in OKC (that’s Bedlam Barbecue, for those of you who don’t know). Gayleen said there may be dancing girls, but there wasn’t. But Paul bought lunch, so that made up for it. The folks at work got me a card, and sang to me. Oh, and they gave me a doughnut … I’m not sure where they found that.

Anyway, THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday wishes. You really made an old fart feel better about getting even older.

I got home to find the new cover for Darkscapes in my inbox. What do you think? The publisher tells me it’ll be ready to ship in a few weeks now.

Darkscapes, coming soon from Fine Tooth Press

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  1. Feliz Cumpleaños
    Hell, just surviving past 25 is an admirable thing a way older friend once told me. [Maybe he was surprised I had lived that long]
    The best is yet to come, whether true or not just keep telling yourself that.
    Remind me to buy you a beer at FenCon and bring the silver toed-boots for safety’s sake.

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