For this genre, I write under the name Kimber Haig. To purchase all of my erotica written as Kimber Haig, please visit my Amazon Page for this pseudonym.

The Adjunct: The Professors, Book 4 (MoonHowler Press, 2020)

Available for Kindle and Audio

Karla Beaumont is back at her alma mater, but this time she’s not the mousy undergraduate with a little crush on her history professor. Karla is an adjunct professor hired to teach creative writing. She hasn’t lost that crush on her old professor, though.

Professor Stephen Jacobs hasn’t even considered being with another woman since his wife died two years ago. When his former student Karla enters his office is a tight red dress and promises that she will have him, he finds himself having emotions and desires he thought had died with his wife.

Double Major: The Professors, Book 3 (MoonHowler Press, 2020)

Available for Kindle and in Audio

An bestseller!

Lexi is about to graduate college with a double major in history and English. She plans to go away to graduate school, but her favorite professors from her respective departments, who happen to be married, have a plan to convince her to stay at their university. When a cookout and swim becomes clothing optional, Lexi finds the professors still have a few lessons to teach her.

Letter of Recommendation: The Professors, Book 2 (MoonHowler Press, 2020)

Available for Kindle and in Audio

Angela Stone isn’t the best college student. She’s a senior trying to get into graduate school, but her grades are just a little too low. The dean of the university where she hopes to attend suggested she get a letter of recommendation from his former protégé to help her application. But Dr. David Stone is known on campus as the Ice Prince because of his stern manner and the distance he keeps between himself and his students. But he is a man, and Angela thinks there may be fire inside that ice. If she can light it, she feels sure she can get him to write that letter of recommendation.

If You Want the A: The Professors, Book 1 (MoonHowler Press, 2016)

Available for Kindle and in Audio

Sophia is a college freshman struggling in her Composition 1 class. When she can’t get her grade above a C, her roommate tells her that her sister had the same professor and his policy was, “If you want the A, you have to take the D. His D.”

Professor Stanley Wakefield is an attractive older man, but Sophia doesn’t want to sleep with him for her grade. She doesn’t want to … but soon enough she finds herself alone with him in his vacation cabin during Thanksgiving break.

Bull of the Woods: A Billionaire Shifter Romance (In Love with an American Minotaur Book 1) (MoonHowler Press, 2016)

Available for Kindle and as in Audio.

Stevie Linn has just left her old life behind. No job, no boyfriend, no home, and nothing but open road in front of her. Until her car breaks down on a lonely Arkansas highway. When a sleek gray Rolls Royce approaches, she stops it and finds a stunning half-naked man in the back seat.

Nick Astoria, reclusive billionaire, can’t stop himself from letting the attractive damsel in distress into his car, his home, and his life. But his dark secret is too dangerous. Can he keep her? Can she lift the curse he lives under? Or will she simply be the next victim of the monster that lives inside him?

Double the Dudes for Dawn (MoonHowler Press, 2016)

Available for Kindle and in Audio

Nathan and Danny are college roommates, but not necessarily friends. In fact, since Danny starting scoring with Dawn, a slightly older student Nathan was tutoring in English, the guys’ relationship has deteriorated even more.

Dawn is just looking for some adventure along with her degree. While Danny offers a pretty good time, she can’t help but find herself also attracted to his submissive roommate Nathan. She knows he wants her, too. She doesn’t want to give up Danny, but she also wants Nathan. Why should a girl have to choose?

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