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Mother (MoonHowler Press, 2021)

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audio

When a young girl from eastern Oklahoma went missing in 1978, the community came together to search for her. One group of high school students and their teacher vanished the day of the search and were never seen again.

This is their horrifying story.

Amara’s Prayer (MoonHowler press, 2015)

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audio

Authorities said everyone was dead. When Milton arrived at the site of his church’s Brazilian mission, everyone he knew was dead, or gone. The only person in the burned out village is a strange, beautiful, naked red-haired woman who is both wise and childlike.

Milton decides to smuggle Amara home and continue his mission work with this one lost soul.

Amara is more than she appears to be and she is about to shake the foundations of everything Milton believes to be true.

A heartbreaking story of faith, forgiveness, and the foundation of religious belief. Can Milton learn and accept the truth before he loses everything and everyone he loves?

Little Graveyard on the Prairie (MoonHowler Press, 2015)

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audio

Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.

Harley Shaw’s life is falling apart around him. His best pasture is ruined. His cattle are gone. His wife is gone. His daughter is gone. His sanity is slipping away, and there may be dead people taunting him.

Seven Days in Benevolence (MoonHowler Press, 2015)

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audio

Dena is recently divorced and ready for a new life in Benevolence, Oklahoma. She has a new job and and old house. The job is promising. The house is perfect, with plenty of space for her and her two young daughters.

She really thought this first week in her new house was going to be the start of a new life.

The house, however, had other ideas …

God of Discord (MoonHowler Press, 2015)

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio.

Eleven tales of terror featuring ancient gods, crazed disciples, a carnival fat lady, a monster under the bed, mutant rats, and more.

“All the stories are unique and creative … his storytelling is vivid and enticing. I highly recommend this read!” –Amazon Reviewer

The Prometheus Syndrome (MoonHowler Press, 2015)

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

Professor Daniels believes he has found a way to raise the dead. He’s planning to build a legion of zombies to get revenge against the academics who shut him out for violating their code of ethics. But he needs someone with unsuppressed rage to make his experiment work.

Josh and Rana just want to get to Nashville to meet up with an old friend and reform their rockabilly band. When they take a scenic turnoff, their lives change forever.

The Professor finds what he needs in Josh.

In this harrowing tale of horror set in the 1980s, Josh has to confront the worst of himself as it comes after him in the form of a reanimated corpse bent on his destruction. Can he save the woman he loves? Or even himself?

The Zombie Whisperer (MoonHowler Press, 2013)

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

Steven E. Wedel offers four short stories that run the gamut from pure horror to shocking hilarity. First, in “The Zombie Whisperer,” survivors invite in a man who says he can communicate with the walking dead.

In “One Night in Benevolence” a man returns to his abusive childhood home only to find that some things are never forgotten.

“Dead Betty” tells the tale of a scientist who finds a way to reanimate the dead, but underestimates the power of his creation.

Three buddies on a fishing expedition reel in more than they bargained for when “Noodlers Nab Nekkid Nymphs.”

Unholy Womb and Other Halloween Tales (MoonHowler Press, 2010)

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audio

In this collection Steven E. Wedel offers his most popular short story, “Unholy Womb”, and four more tales of Halloween horror, including “Scream of Humanity,” a never-before-published story. Also included here is “The Halloween Feast”, “SKN-3”, and “Hungry is the Night”.

Tales of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology (Sky Warrior Book Publishing, 2013)

Available in Paperback and Ebook

The legend of the man-beast has been with us forever. It has changed and evolved and reshaped itself much as the lycanthrope itself, and yet, at its heart, it is essentially the same. Unlike the vampire that has gone from a stinking, bloated, near-mindless corpse to a suave, angst-ridden sex toy as society shapes the trope to fit current mores, the werewolf has, for centuries, been about the loss of self-control.

In Tails of the Pack, Steven E. Wedel has put together eleven of the best Werewolf stories by authors such as Mark Finn, Tiffani Angus, Frog and Esther Jones, and Aaron Smith. Keep those silver bullets handy, you’re going to need them.

21 responses to “Horror”

  1. love this book!!, I wanted to read it so much..:))

    1. Thanks Mary Ann! We’re very glad you liked it!

  2. When does this come out? If its out already I can’t find it in any stores. :/

    1. Liz, it’ll be out September 13 of this year. The people who have already read it got advance reader copies at Book Expo America.

      1. ooh okay thank you so much! Can’t wait to read it! You two are amazing Authors! (:

          1. No problem (:

  3. I just started this book and so far I really like it! Is this a stand alone novel or will there be more?

    1. Hi Rachel! I really can’t say yet. We haven’t written any more about Alan and Aimee, but our agent is talking to Bloomsbury about the possibility of a sequel. I hope you enjoy the rest of this one!

  4. Thanks for the reply!

  5. i love i just read it at night in one seating had me jumping every time i heard a noise or creek in the house. want to know if there be by some chance a next one.

  6. Hi Lola. I’m so glad you liked After Obsession! And secretly happy to know it had you jumping. 😉 A next one? Weellllll…I can’t say right now. It’s been suggested, but we have to wait and see. I hope so, though.

  7. I just finished reading “After Obsession”. I have to tell you…as a media specialist I LOVED it! Kudos for co-authoring an awesome book that is going in my book order for the year!

  8. Hi Kelli. Thank you so much! We’re thrilled you liked it!

  9. Hi Steve! I am sooooooo obsessed with After Obsession!!! omg i love it soooo much and i really need a sequel… like i might not survive if there isn’t one!!! cuz it totally leaves you hanging and Alan is awesome and has grey hair!! i’ve read a lot of books and all of them are copies of twilight of something stupid!! and i cant stand it!! but After Obsession is soooooo much better and soooo different than all the other books out there!! there aren’t even any vampires!!! so im just saying that my life would be complete if there was a series!!! omg if there was like 10 books in the series and then they made movies out of them!!!! AMAZBALLS!!! omg that would totally be MADE OF AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! omg sorry 2 be so weird and hyper!!! but if you reply 2 this that would make my life complete!!! you dont even have to write a sequel (actually you do!!) so PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL AND PLEASE RESPOND!!! cuz that would be soooo cool!!! omg i love this book!!!!

  10. Hi Syd. So, I’m unclear … do you want a sequel? Or not? hehe Thank you SO MUCH for you enthusiasm! A sequel? Well, it’s been talked about, but so far there’s nothing written. I have hopes it’ll happen, as Alan still has a lot to learn. Our agent is talking to the publisher about it. If you wanted to add your voice, you can go here the click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and choose a method of letting the publisher know you want more.

    I’ll tell you that Carrie and I have written another book together, but it hasn’t found a home yet. It’s not a sequel, but it’s still nothing like Twilight. 😉

    Thanks so much for reading and for writing to let me know you liked After Obsession! Your message really made my day.

    1. omg!!! Haha!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for replying!!! I just emailed the publisher!!!

      OMG U AND CARRIE WROTE ANOTHER BOOK??!?!?!? Omg that actually made my week!!! Omg thats SOOOOOOOO cool!!! I hope it finds a home soon!!! You would have to be an idiot not to except a Steven & carrie book into your home!!!! Omg!!!!! Can u post on ur website when someone publishes it??? That would be awesome SOOOOOOOO awesome!!!! Omg!!! Yea!!! I really REALLY hope it works out for you guys!!!

  11. This book was so great and creepy!! Although the creepiness could be contributed to the fact that I read it when I had no power due to storms. Anyways I keep googling trying to find out when the sequel will come out and so far no word. Is the sequel in the works yet? If so any idea when it may be released? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Ashley! I’m so glad we were able to give you some temporary creeps. 😉 The sequel … looks like it might not happen. We wanted to, but some, well, let’s call it “business dealings” came up. So, I can’t rule it out completely, but right now it doesn’t look so good. Sorry! Carrie and I have written another book that our agent is shopping around, though.

  12. Hey It’s Kimberly from the library today, thanks for the tips and I’ll try to read this one, it seems amazing. By the way if u wanted to read my stories I’ll email u the link 😀 thanks again for the tips, today.

  13. Hi Kimberly. Thank YOU for being such a great audience member! It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m very impressed by the amount of work you’ve done so far. Keep at it and you’ll find success. If you’d to post the link I’ll try to look at some of your work. It might take me a while to get to it, though, as I have two books to edit right now. Thanks again!

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