So, I’ve mentioned wanting to write a novel about Bigfoot, right? (Yes. Yes, I have.) Other than a lack of time, part of my problem was a lack of plot. Since I’m not in Hollywood, a plot is necessary. Today, as I drove home from a late day at work, the whole thing just hit me. It was like I slammed my truck right into a Bigfoot on those back roads. Everything from the opening chapter to the final scenes just fell into place. It was a beautiful thing. I have written down all my thoughts and outlined the first several chapters. I still need names for most of my characters, but the story, along with their back stories, is there now.

Oh yeah, and I still need the time to write it.

So, how does a miracle like this happen? In this case, it seems to have come from my recent readings of Beowulf, Grendel, The Great Gatsby and relating a couple of past personal stories to a student. Various elements from all this stuff just filled the gaps in my languishing desire to write about Bigfoot, and now I have a solid plot to go with a situation and some hazy characters.

In other news, I’m still not sick. My wife, however, ended up at the doctor today and can’t go back to work until Friday.

I gave benchmark tests in three of my four classes today, including both my AP classes. For the most part, it wasn’t pretty. Some of that was my fault and it took me a couple of hours to fix my mistakes. That made the picture a little prettier, but it’s still not so good. The next month and a half before the AP test will see my students doing a lot more practice multiple choice tests. Oh! And there was sooo much drama over my essay prompt as kids in 5th period tried to get kids from 1st period to tell them what it was. Most of the essay were middlin’, with a few really good ones and a couple of real stinkers.

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    • Re: Bigfoot!
      Are you kidding me? Oh yeah, I remember it! It was a two-part episode. It was aliens that’d made robots, and the robots were the bigfeet, right? That was soooo long ago.
      I never would have guessed you’re old enough to have seen that.

  1. I know exactly what you mean about a complete plotshowing up and saying “I’m here” in just a few minutes. In the time it took me to walk from one end of the floor I work on to the break room at the other end I’e had whole stories come to me.
    Count yourself lucky that your not sick. I’ve been fighting off something for the last few days, taking copious amounts of zicam (yeah it works). With luck I should be doing better tomorrow. Sue is suffering a milder version of what I am suffering from.

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