Back at work

In typical fashion, OCU is open for business today, while my kids’ schools are closed. There is no synchronicity to the world. The roads are better today. Well, once you get on the main roads. Sidewalks and parking lots are extremely slick, though. So, naturally, I wore the worst shoes I have for ice. Dress codes. Ugh. I’d be wearing jeans and hiking boots if it was up to me.

A micropress publisher has shown some interest in republishing Darkscapes. I don’t have a lot of details, as he hasn’t even seen the book yet, but a friend of mine who publishes with this company is very happy. I do know the company pays an advance. I don’t expect a lot. My goal, really, is to have a book in print with the story “Reunion” in it when Blackridge Entertainment releases “Schizm,” the movie in which “Reunion” is a segment. My agent thought there wouldn’t be much interest in a short story collection from me by a major publisher, so I decided to query this company. I’ll keep you posted.

I began a minor revision of my Web site while I was off yesterday. But when I did the front page I realized I needed to do the bibliography page, and that was more than I cared to take on at the moment. Nothing new is up yet, but maybe by the weekend.

Well, back to the grind. I have a press release to write and will need to make freelance calls during my lunch break.

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