Another one bites the dust

Just got word that the soulless wonder of Oklahoma Shitty Univeristy has fired another of my friends. Despite being in on the hiring of the Webmaster, Art Cotton fired him today. God, I don’t know how that man can look at himself in the mirror. Good luck, Travis. Like I told you, you’re better off out of that shit hole.

In my own situtation, Kim was put on full time at her job yesterday. She was already working more than full-time hours. This just gives her access to insurance and, if the new owners get rid of the current staff, she’ll get severance.

Speaking of severance, mine runs out this week. Next week I get the humiliation of filing for unemployment for the third time in 10 years. But at least I know OCU will be hit with about a $15,000 penalty for firing me without cause.

The only writing news is some freelance journalism I’m working on. I really got nothing else to say.

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  1. So, he struck again, huh? Art Cotton will get his in the end. What goes around comes around.
    I find it strange that, even though (you) are entitled to unemployment insurance, it’s embarrassing to deposit the checks. Why?
    Is there talk of possibly firing the current staff where Kim works? If she’s working full time, then you’ve got the kids full time. Although you have no choice, how are you handling all that?
    What! No writing? You know, Ulrik is always waiting to tell a story or two

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