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Ah, well, passed on “Dead Betty” once I finally sent the right file. “Dead Betty” has too much graphic sex in it, he said. I know! You find it shocking that I would write such a thing … but there ya go. He said they’re fine with gore. I guess a zombie demanding oral sex was just a bit much. Well, I have the beginning of two other stories that I’ll finish later and send one of those to the program. No sex in either of them.

Interesting bit of job news today. My boss at the chamber told me the executive director of a local literacy group is needing someone to do public relations work, so she recommended me. I called the director and yes, they do. She has to talk to her board about it later this week. I explained my situation with OCU, the chamber, unemployment and my quest for contract work to hold me over until I get a teaching job. Lo and behold, she’s needing a teacher to teach adults to read. So, I guess I’m being considered for both jobs. Other than working with my own kids, I don’t really have any experience teaching phonics, but they have a training program. We’ll see how it shakes out.

This week I’m working on articles for three publications. I have to stop and think about which publication to say I’m with when I call people for interviews.

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  1. Sorry it didn’t pan out with “Dead Betty”. Who woulda thunk you’d write something containing graphic sex? LOL You’re running some track record with stories too “hot to handle”. Keep it up! 🙂
    Your other news sounds verry promising. Good, good, good, luck with that. All positive vibes sent your way.

    • Who woulda thunk you’d write something containing graphic sex?
      I know! First the Oklahoman refuses to review my book, now this! haha I guess I’m just a pervert.
      Hmm. That means my wife has been right all these years …

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