Almost makes me wanna go back to wrok

What a weekend it’s been! Yesterday was spend working on a shed in the
back yard. Still isn’t finished, as I have to level part of the yard
and fill some holes so the entire floor foundation is supported before
I put in the plywood floor. Then I can do the roof. I put down 240 lbs
of dirt today and didn’t come close to what I need.

Before the dirt thing today, we all went to the OKC Zoo. The womenfolk
all had to pee immediately, of course, so us guys went in the gift
shop. Jacob found a little train with zoo animals in it. He was ready
to go home after that and had no problem informing us of that for the
next three hours as he carried the boxed train all over the zoo. Sara
and Amanda wanted to eat. Sure, we’d just eaten a late breakfast before
we left home, but, you know, it was about a 20-minute drive to the zoo
and they got hungry. Alex didn’t really want to go in the first place,
but he was probably the best behaved. You might expect that from the
oldest, but it isn’t always the case. Anyway, after three hours, we
didn’t get to see everything, including the bears, which is one of the
best and newest attractions.

In the Great EscApe area, we just went in and were going up to the
glass windows when one of the gorillas came running over. I think
that’s when Jake loaded his diaper. He wanted out. Those gorillas do
that stuff on purpose. I’ve seen them kinda jump from beside the window
and slap the glass right in front of someone.

But the best scene was when me and most of the kids were sitting under
a tall pavilion with many other people as Kim and Sara waited to pay
$1.50 for a bottle of water. Somebody noticed a bird going nuts in the
top of the pavilion, then somebody saw why. There was a snake sliding
along one of the support bars toward the bird’s nest. Ha! That pavilion
was deserted in a matter of seconds. I was watching, waiting to see if
the snake and bird would get after it, but Kim came back, saw what was
happening, and decided it was time to move on. She had the water and I
was thirsty, so off we went.

I’m finishing up an interview that’ll be at soon. I’ll
also be the featured member of the new Message Board of the Damned Web
site soon. That’s at

Gotta finish the interview and then get some stuff sent to my agent, too.

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