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No bitching about OCU this time.

Looks like I failed to mention that I sent the revised edition of Shara to Scrybe Press
late Sunday evening. As I’ve mentioned, there are some changes to the
story. Well, not the story, really. I didn’t add or delete scenes, but
some are changed. One or two are toned down a bit. The biggest change
is the inclusion of the Othala Rune branded onto certain characters. I
haven’t heard back from Nathan yet, but he was talking about putting
this book on the fast track and having it out this summer.

MetroFamily Magazine, a local publication, has added me to their pool
of freelancers and promised to give me an assignment next time they go
out. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a fun publication and will bring
in a bit of cash.

The editor of MetroFamily asked for some samples I could e-mail. I
wanted to send something other than the business pieces I’ve been
doing, so I did a search online for various past articles from other
papers I’ve worked for. Much to my surprise, I found an article saying
I’d won an award I didn’t know about. In 2003 I got a first-place award
in the General News Reporting category of the annual Carl Rogan Awards
Program sponsored by The Associated Press/Oklahoma News Executives.
Woohoo! The award was for a series of five articles I did for The Journal Record
about the relocation of the Interstate 40 crosstown bridge through
Oklahoma City. Definitely the best work I did for the JR. I sent the
editor an e-mail asking about the award and he said there’s a
certificate he’ll send me.

Work is progressing on Bold Bounty.
I’ve knocked off another chapter this morning. Unfortunately, I’m not
finding a lot of places to add blocks of text. There’s a few here and
there. Gayleen has suggested a couple of places I’ll hit on the next
revision, but … ugh. I need a minimum of 7,000 words. I have a couple
of ideas for deeper in the book. Maybe those will help. I’d really like
to add about 17,000 words. We’ll see.

Right now, I have another job letter to write.

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