All the news that’s fit to print, then some

Another job interview yesterday. Did it go well? Who knows? They said they were interviewing 10 applicants and will do second interviews next week. Of course, this was my second interview there in three weeks. It’s the same state agency where I applied for the temp job a couple of weeks ago. Not getting that pretty much lowers my expectations here.

No word yet from the newspaper I interviewed at last week, either. The editor said he’d make a decision by the end of this week. This is the one where there’s a chance I’d have to move to Tulsa … something I’m not excited about.

Not all the news is bleak, though. Tomorrow I go meet with some old friends who own Write Communications, Inc. in Ponca City. They have some contract work for me. I love working for these folks. And they’re taking me to lunch, which is nice because I’ve had this odd craving for Ponca City’s Grand Cafe french fries. (Side note: One of the people I’ll be meeting with was the inspiration for a character in Amara’s Prayer.)

The Corpse Blossoms anthology is at the printer. This is the trade paperback version, i.e. the less expensive one. My involvement in the book aside, Corpse Blossoms has been getting excellent reviews in places that matter and is being called the horror anthology to get this year. The publishers, you may remember, were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina and are basically living a nomadic life right now, but still are getting this book out. Buying direct from Creeping Hemlock Press puts more money in their pocket than buying from a retailer. Also, 10 percent of the proceeds is going to the March of Dimes. So, give it some thought if you have a horror reader on your Christmas list.

No news on Shara yet, but I did get more copies of Call to the Hunt in the mail yesterday.

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  1. Good luck with the job search, Steve. I know how frustrating it can be. I’ve been looking since September, and I actually got a contract job in October, got my kids all set up in daycare and everything, then the project got cancelled. So I’ve been desperately searching for a new position since then, hoping like hell I don’t have to take the kids out of daycare in the meantime, only to stick them back in when I do finally get something!
    I can’t wait to be able to get a copy of Corpse Blossoms – from everything I’ve heard, it’s a wonderful antho to read!

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