Unemployed. Who knew it would feel this good? No more wondering if I’m
going to be fired. No more worry about office politics. No more anger
at the way co-workers are treated. Well, okay, I am still concerned
about those left behind, but it’s like the dead worrying about the
living who don’t realize who much better it is to be dead. Ya know?

I’ve got some cool leads to follow up on. And at least one “real” job I
should check into while it’s open. My main goals, though, are finishing
Bold Bounty and making progress on the script of Murdered by Human Wolves. After I get Shara off to Scrybe, of course.

Speaking of which, I should go work on that. I just had to post a note
about how good I feel today. Thanks to everyone for their notes, by the
way. You’re much appreciated!

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