I remember having some of those thin hardback copies of Aesop’s fables
when I was a kid. I think they were from the Weekly Reader Bookclub, or
something. A few weeks ago I finally found a copy of the collection of
Aesop’s fables translated by Laura Gibbs, one of my professors from OU.
I haven’t got to read it yet, but tonight Sara needed a book for her
20-minute evening reading assignment and she’d left her other book at
school, so I gave her the fables to read. She read nine fables in 20
minutes, then asked to take the book to bed with her to read some more.
A kid who reads. She makes her daddy proud.

I’ve resumed my quest to teach. Partly because I enjoyed speaking at
the OWFI conference so much and partly because I’m nervous about the
changes at work. My new boss had somebody send over a quote today,
along with an old press release with her bio in it. Neither the quote
nor the bio met Associated Press style guidelines, which is a big issue
for me. The less the reporter/editor has to change in your release, the
more likely you are to get your information in the newspaper. But the
new boss seems to be of the common school of thought that says random
nouns should be capitalized if they’re important words. If she’s truly
the micromanager I’ve heard she is, we could go to battle almost
immediately over this issue.

I lose my intern at the end of this week. That bites. I rely on Ashlea
a lot now. But, she’s going to London on a school trip and is promoting
herself in the Miss Kansas Pageant this summer instead of taking summer
classes. We’ll still have kind of a community intern in the office and
she’ll get to do my really boring work of sorting press clippings and
writing media reports, but I’ll have to do all the mundane releases
myself again. Unless, of course, Vicki changes everything when she
takes over on June 1.

Gotta get some sleep. I’ve been so tired lately. The last two evenings
I’ve fallen asleep on the couch after clearing away the supper stuff.
When I came to yesterday Amanda and Jacob had covered themselves in
baby powder. Their hair was gray and puffs of powder came off their
clothes when I caught them and dragged them to the bathtub. Fortunately
I didn’t wake up to the house burning down or something really bad.

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  1. OMG! Did she capitalize University???? Look out for that one! She does use AP, but only as it suits her needs.

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