Abortion Exhibit Shows Ugly Truth Many Don’t Want to See

I grew up knowing most of the Bible stories, including, of course, the crucifixion of Jesus. But, I also grew up with, first, a children’s Bible that had virtually no detail for any story, then the awful King James Version that not many can understand today because of its archaic language. I’ve since changed versions, but even with study guides, things like the true horror of Christ’s scourging and crucifixion did not sink in because there weren’t many details.

This past Saturday I watched Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ.” At first I wasn’t caring for it much. Is it sacrilege to say it seemed to lack characterization? Gibson certainly relied on people already knowing the story, knowing who Jesus was. Still, as the movie went on, there was a lump in my throat and my eyes were wide as I saw a detailed, graphic depiction of the story that had always seemed rather tame in the Bible. The scene where the metal shards on the whip get stuck in Christ’s side and have to be torn out was … shocking.

But, this ain’t no movie review blog, honey. The purpose for the above is to prove a point brought home by the evening news on Sunday. This week there is a traveling exhibit in Oklahoma City from The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. The exhibit is a few large trucks with photographs of aborted human babies on the sides. Like Gibson’s film, these images are very graphic and are being displayed to prove a point.

On the TV news, reporters interviewed people, collecting their thoughts on the trucks. One woman cried as she looked from the reporter to a truck showing an unborn human being torn to pieces during the abortion process. Many were outraged – rightfully so, I would say – that the people responsible for the display were parading the trucks around public parks on Labor Day, exposing non-aborted children to the images.

And then there was the one young woman who said she was pro-choice (meaning pro-abortion, as we’ve discussed here before) but felt she shouldn’t have to look at those pictures.

She is exactly who does need to see those pictures.

Now, you may or may not believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. We won’t go into that today. But we do know from historic records that he lived, was beaten, whipped, humiliated and finally crucified. And yet, a lot of people like me really didn’t give a lot of thought to the actual horror of that event before Gibson showed it to us in such painful and painstaking detail.

To many pro-abortion people, the fetus is not a human because they never have to look at it as such. It is something inside, like a tumor or an appendix, that can be discreetly removed, destroyed and disposed of without anyone but the doctor seeing it for what it really is.

If every abortion supporter had to look at such pictures, I think many would change their minds. If they had to see a recognizable tiny human being torn apart, I think many of them would realize that abortion is murder. But now, in our society, it’s just too easy to think of the unborn baby as a fetus, a thing, a non-entity, because we can’t see it.

Oklahoma City is the 14th of 22 stops this exhibit will make. Hopefully the exhibit will change thousands of minds and prevent at least as many pre-birth murders.

Again I say it – if you don’t want the responsibility of a baby, keep your pants on. If you can’t keep your pants on, use birth control. If that fails … you made the choice to roll the dice, now you have to live with the consequences.

Some truths are ugly.

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