I slapped a new thermostat on the wall late last night to see if that would fix the air conditioner. Nuh-uh. Repairman came out today and it told us the blower motor is shot. But wait! The news got better. There ain’t a Lennox dealer in the state what’s got the one we need, so it’s being imported from, I think he said Ohio. It’ll take at least three business days to get here, so we’ll be without cold air until early next week, when we’ll get to pay about $450 to have the repairs done.

Maybe that’s the job I should look into. Never mind that most fish have more skill and patience than me when it comes to fixing things.

I already mentioned today is my 20th wedding anniversary. Wow. Twenty years. I look at the guy in the white tux in the wedding picture and just wonder who the skinny kid in the brown-tinted glasses was. Some 19-year-old kid who thought marriage was all about lots of sex and not living in his parents’ house. Who knew it was cranky kids and broken central air units?

Despite constant interruptions, I got a few hundred words added to three revised chapters of The Puppet King today. I must have done an edit on at least the first section of this book sometime in the past few years because some of the common grammatical mistakes I found in BB are not here (this is an older book). Is anyone familiar with the Ace editions of Robert E. Howard’s Conan books? The Puppet King is written to mimic the structure of those books — each volume contains a few chronological novellas. This first book has three of them. The second one is my favorite; that’s where we have the zombies. The third one needs the most work, as I recall.

Word meter says …

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
63,146 / 85,000

In other news, I took a deep breath and submitted my name as a candidate for the Horror Writers Association’s board of trustees. I know I’ve gone on here about how each year I debate rejoining. Well, I figured maybe if I got more involved I could work on the issues I’d like to see addressed and then there wouldn’t be any qualms about rejoining. I have to write a platform statement now. I most likely will write about increasing the organization’s public image. I have a couple of ideas of things the HWA could do that I think would go over well. Maybe. I don’t hold out much hope of winning the position.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Steve! Good luck with the Trustee election. I didn’t think I had any chance of winning either, but I was elected in a landslide, mostly because I took the time to write a detailed platform instead of the simple “I would really like to serve you” everyone else wrote. Of course, in this case landslide means I won by a margin of 9 votes. 😉

  2. Sorry to hear about the A/C. I don’t see how you can sit and write in the heat. If I’m hot I go into shutdown mode. Yesterday someone told me, “I thought it was supposed to cool down today.” I told him it wouldn’t cool down for three months.
    I hate summer.
    Congratulations on twenty years. And good luck with the HWA.

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