A little catch-up

Wasn’t that supposed to be a long weekend back there a few days ago? Why didn’t it seem that way? Not that much of anything happened, but still …

I did go to the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. board meeting on Sunday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  That was three hours I’d like to have back. Nobody but nobody will argue over details like a room full of writers. Well, maybe lawyers, but they argue differently. I was not a happy camper to learn that OWFI was only planning on having 12 speakers at the 2006 convention. And, of those announced, none of them interested me. Fortunately, because of things that were decided that I don’t think I should announce here, the number of speakers will increase.

Fucking gas prices. Screwing up everything.

It cost me $54 to fill up the tank on that new van the first time. That’s unreal.

This morning I went over to Amazon.com and posted a review of Brian Keene’s novel Terminal. This is a book you don’t want to miss.

I sent the galley corrections for Shara back to Scrybe Press on Saturday. Nathan told me before he sent the galleys to me that he could have copies of the book in my hands two weeks after I returned corrections. So, I’m hoping to have copies for FenCon.

For those interested, I’ll be reading the story “Of Witches and Werewolves” at FenCon. That’s from Call to the Hunt. I have to admit I’m a little surprised to see that OWaW is a favorite of many readers.

I wrote last night. No, not editing old stuff. I created something new. I know that must seem ridiculous, but it had been a while since I wrote new fiction. What’d I work on? Cheryl will be happy about this. Chapter 7 of Ulrik. It went smoothly, almost as if I’d never left off after Chapter Six so many months ago. For those who thought Shara started slow or had too much sex, I think you’ll like this installment a lot better. The world Shara created for herself gets torn apart and she finds herself at odds with …

You didn’t really think I’d tell you, did ya?

My goal is to work on two novels. Ulrik is completely new and will get most of my attention since Scrybe actually wants it delivered fairly soon. But when I’m stuck or can’t work on the desktop computer I’ll be working on The Fetch, which is mostly a rewrite. However, The Fetch will be the dropped project if I go to work on that super secret project I can’t tell you about. I need to check in on that sometime this week.

You’ve probably heard that Bob Denver died. That’s really sad. “Gilligan’s Island” was a really important show to me as a kid, watching it in reruns during the early 1970s. One by one the island is abandoned and icons of my childhood move on to whatever is next. The real kicker is going to be when we lose Don Knotts and Andy Griffith.

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  1. I’ve been getting bits & pieces of the scoop on the board meeting from a couple friends who went. I had to go to a family reunion. That’s a whole day I’d like to have back. Man, I hate famiy reunions! I’m not that social.

  2. Something new? I’m still trying to catch up on all the old stuff lol
    BTW expect an email from me soon about the collection you gave me. I enjoyed it alot thanks again!

    • Yup, new stuff, Kenneth. My agent has two horror novels he’s shopping. Neither have werewolves, either. I think one of them is the best thing I’ve written. The other is … well … a fun, fast read with zombies, ghosts, hillbillies and rock-n-roll.
      Okay. I’m expecting an e-mail. Waiting, waiting … 😉

  3. OWFI 2006
    Don’t know if he’s signed up officially, but the fiction editor of Surreal Magazine is planning to come. This is a new horror magazine — you might know about it — but it’s a really good one. They have an excellent turnaround on submissions– bought one of my stories in less than two weeks. Seems to be a great publication for those of us who write the weird stuff. http://www.surrealmag.com

    • Re: OWFI 2006
      Hey Rinda! Good to “see” you.
      There was no mention of Surreal Magazine at the meeting, but that would be great news. I wish they’d bring in some more editors who buy horror novels.

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