A couple of little Web site updates

There’s a bunch I need to do on my Web site (isn’t there always?), but I made a couple of updates last night. First, because several people find old short stories still available online and e-mail asking for more, I collected links to all my short stories I know of that are still available and put them on a page. Click the “Free Fiction” link to find them.

The other new link on the menu bar is for my Gift of Lycanthropy site. Yes, you can give the Gift of Lycanthropy this holiday season … in the form of signed werewolf books. Quantities are limited, since I didn’t get all the books I ordered yet.

I hope to do a few more little updates this weekend. If you don’t find yourself on my “Links to the Outside” page and you wanna be there — and will link to me from your site — let me know by replying here or sending me an e-mail. I’ve got a list of some people and places I’ll be adding, but am open to more.

The Werewolf Saga site really needs an update, but I’m not sure what to do with it, at least until I know Shara is about to be released. What would you like to see new or different at www.werewolfsaga.com?

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