A Correction

Hmm. I’d have to read the bylaws to figure out why, but it appears that “The God of Discord” will not make the HWA’s Stoker Award preliminary ballot. My guess is there’s a certain number of top picks that make the ballot and the recommendation list had been updated again since last time I checked, so a lot of works with the minimum requirement of five recs didn’t make it. Eh. Whatever.

I just wanted to mention that before the ballot officially comes out so maybe I won’t look like a complete moron.

Folks over at Shocklines are being very kind in recommending my books to a librarian looking to stock his shelves with werewolf fiction. That’s nice, but adds to the frustration about Shara still not being available from Scrybe Press. If I wasn’t a nice guy I’d suggest you e-mail editor@scrybepress.com and nag him about getting the book out.

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  1. Up to ten works in each category that have at least five recs make the preliminary ballot. If there’s a tie, then all the works involved in that tie get added, so long as the total number of recs in the category does not exceed 100.
    For example, in the short fiction category, my story “The Smell of Fear” from Corpse Blossoms received eight recommendations, but there were ten or more stories with nine-plus recommendations, so it didn’t make the prelim.

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