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I got my copy of The Horror Fiction Review No. 13 today. There’s a sweet review of the Corpse Blossoms anthology … something you definitely should own by now. Here’s the bit of the review I liked best:

“The God of Discord” shows that relative newcomer Steven E. Wedel can putt on par with the big boys. The final line in this tale is classic!

Personally, I’d rather slice than putt … but I’ve never cared to waste my time golfing. I still appreciate the metaphor, though.

I also got a new Nox Arcana CD, Transylvania. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for either NA or Midnight Syndicate to do a lycanthropic disc. This one comes close, with pieces called “The Howling” and “Night of the Wolf.” So far, this is probably my favorite of NA’s releases.

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