Have you heard that song 1985? My wife is living it tonight. She went with her sister and her boyfriend and Alex to a concert of 1980s hair bands. Now, I love ’80s hair bands, but these guys — Quiet Riot, Ratt, Cinderella and [gag] Firehouse — would be hard pressed to collaborate on a greatest hits album. I can maybe think of 10 or 12 songs I like from all of them, with most of those going to Ratt.

Remember when Quiet Riot’s second album came out and the hit song was Mama We’re All Crazy Now? Just a couple of months prior to that another band covered the same Slade song. Mama’s Boys did a much better cover, but theirs died on the vine, much like the band’s career, because of Quiet Riot’s mediocre cover. Cinderella had some good songs until the Bon Jovi influence got to be too much and they suffered the Van Hagar/Whitesnake disease. Yes, it’s a disease. It’s caused by having a crappy love song that goes too high on the pop chart. The symptoms were easy to spot — the band would only do crappy love songs from that point on. Hey guys, if I want love songs, I’ll listen to Air Supply.

Now, if Wasp had joined this party, I’d have been all over that. That band kicked some butt. Are they still around?

Writing? Didn’t get anything done today. Well, nothing to report. I had some correspondence with my agent that prompted some market research and some further correspondence.

If ya’ll haven’t visited Lisa Morton’s Web site, you should do that now. Go ahead, I’m about finished. She’s not only talented, but is very kind and generous. Buy one of her books and/or a DVD of one of her movies.

Somebody sent me a link to a zombie game and the plugin I needed has loaded. Sorry Tom, but I gotta be ready just in case you come after my big giant brain someday.

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  1. OMG
    You’re scaring me, dude! I remember all those bands. And yeah, I remember them going downhill when they hit the charts with one crappy love song after another.
    But, no, I don’t know the song 1985. That was the year I got married. (OMG — it’s been 20 years?)

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